Working with me

I work with 3 kinds of people: 

- Men/women trying to improve body composition and increase energy through quality food choices and improved eating habits.

- Men, women, and children who want to improve their nutrition in order to reduce their risk for disease and build lasting healthy habits around food.

- Athletes of all ages looking to improve their nutrition for performance and recovery.

1:1 Private Coaching

Focused, flexible nutrition coaching and accountability.




Group Coaching

Literal strength in numbers! Join us for some fun!



Presentations and Workshops

Have me come teach your group, employees, or class how to make nutrition simple. Various topics available.

Contact me for details

Start the conversation with a free 20-minute strategy session.

Most people who aren’t ready to start a nutrition plan are on the fence for one of two reasons. They don’t know where to start, or they feel like they’ve started a thousand times and never gotten anywhere.

Trust me, I get it! The internet is full of information that never gets to the root of your body and your health. The reason you don’t see a copied and pasted food guide on my site is because I make a plan for YOU based on your specific needs and lifestyle.

In 20 minutes together we can establish realistic goals and get started on a roadmap to reach them. 

Schedule a free phone or video consultation to get your questions about my services answered and to learn more about how I can best support you.