Hi, I’m Stephanie!

An adventure seeking, M&M loving northerner living in the south. 

I started Food Factor Nutrition originally as  (formerly named) Supermama by Design - a nutrition-focused community for moms wanting to balance taking care of their kids (who might only ever want chicken nuggets) and taking care of themselves. As my nutrition business has grown, more and more people have reached out to me for nutrition advice from all walks of life. While moms will always be superhuman in my eyes, I’m here to help anyone who needs a change toward a healthy lifestyle. Now, as Food Factor Nutrition, I educate and inspire healthy change by helping you understand how much your food really does factor into your lifestyle. But don’t worry, there are no “diets” here. 

The Food Factor philosophy

I believe in balance and that there are no "good" or "bad" foods (unless there are allergies involved). However, I believe there are certain foods that can cause different negative reactions in the body and this can go unnoticed by people for years. I can help you find the nutritional balance you want by addressing your specific situation, symptoms, and concerns with a non-judgmental, understanding approach. I will use my caring, yet straightforward style to help you achieve your goals. 

Whether you’ve been climbing the corporate ladder instead of the stairs, or a mom who just sat down after a chaotic bath time, I can help you build impactful habits towards the healthy lifestyle you’ve been wanting. 

Let's talk about how we can get you feeling energetic, confident, and healthy so you can be the person (aka leader, mom, activist, friend, dad, rockstar) you imagined you would be!

Education and Training


  • Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health- Human Clinical Nutrition -Maryland University of Integrative Health
  • Board Certified Nutrition Specialist- American Nutrition Association
  • Doctor of Clinical Nutrition (DCN)- in progress


  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science -University of Minnesota
  • Certified Personal Trainer- American Council on Exercise


  • Tobacco Treatment Specialist- University of Kentucky

Health Coaching:

  • Certified Health Coach- American Council on Exercise

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