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The Spring Produce and Recipe Guide!

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The Food Factor Guide to Simple Meal Planning

Nail the basics. Tweak and customize for your needs. Easy peasy.

Confused and frustrated around what to include in your meals?

Have no idea what counts as a fat, protein, and carb and how to include them in your day? Want a snack that keeps you from being hungry 20 minutes later?

I gotchu! Download the FREE Food Factor Guide to Simple Meal Planning and start creating balanced, nourishing meals for you and your family.

Sneaky Sugar!

Is there too much sugar in your food? Learn how to spot it!


Download this list of over 100 commonly used names for sugars and sweeteners.

Student Athlete Nutrition Guide

Help your athlete cut through the noise when it comes to nutrition. This guide walks through: 

- Why nutrition is important for growing athletes.

-Common nutrition related symptoms.

-Student athlete specific nutrition needs.

-Tips on how to feed your student athlete.

As well as simple recipes that athletes of all ages can make themselves!


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