Ep 68- A Taste of Summer: 8 Summer Eating Tips for Kids

Season #1

Summer time can bring a bunch of emotions. For kids it may be exciting! For parents, it might be dread with a little bit of tiredness peppered in. When it comes to nutrition, summer time is a great time to re-establish healthy eating habits with your kids. Often, parents become concerned about their children's eating habits over the summer. Lack of structure, no set time or routine, and being home all day can all lead to concern. Depending on the age of your child, there are definitely things to consider to help them learn how to feed themselves!


In this episode I discuss:

- What nutrition patterns to notice in your kids.

- What many parents fear when it comes to their kids' nutrition.

- How to develop and encourage healthy habits in your kids. 

- 8 tips to consider when creating a summer time routine.


Mentioned in this episode:

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More fun stuff:


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