Do you crave sugar?

Sugar is seemingly in everything and is being linked to many of the chronic conditions and disease that we see today. For many though, reducing their sugar intake comes with intense cravings, followed by guilt, shame, and eventually "giving in" to sugar. 

That's me!

Stop the sugary cycle!

This mini- course walks you through the main forms of cravings (did you know there are multiple forms of craving sugar?) and gives you tools to manage each of them. This is the first step to building lasting healthy habits!

In this small but mighty course you will: 

Learn to identify your craving type

There are three different types of sugar cravings and each one means something different. 

Learn to manage each craving type

No matter which form of sugar craving you have, we go over tips on how to manage each one.

Learn balanced eating

We discuss the basics of balanced eating so you reduce your sugar cravings and fuel your body.

What would it feel like to take control of your sugar cravings?

You are not your cravings and you can take control of them! The first step is recognizing the type of craving and understanding why it occurs. Then you can put together an action plan and pave the way for new healthy habits! No need to be tied to that afternoon soda or late night ice cream anymore!

Enroll now!

This is a self-paced, 3 module mini course designed to give you the quick information you need to start tackling your sugar cravings immediately!

Each module contains multiple lessons in both written and audio format. Complete the action tasks and start focusing on a cleaner, less sugary way of eating!

Recipes and sample meal plan included!

I'm in!