Ep 67- The top 3 problematic eating patterns you may have and how to improve them

Season #1

Eating patterns are actions that you take around food that you repeat. Commonly thought of as a habit, patterns can be problematic when it comes to your health, especially if you aren't aware of them. From a nutritional lens, many common health issues are rooted or started by these 3 eating patterns. Issues such as brain fog, gas, bloating, malabsorption, infections, and inflammation all can be the result of these 3 patterns around food that many people recognize in themselves. Today, I go over the 3 most common patterns I see and what to do about them.

In this episode I discuss:

- The top 3 eating patterns I see in people.

- Where each of these patterns come from.

- What happens to your health when you have these patterns.

-Tips on how to change up your patterns to be more supportive. 


Mentioned in this episode:

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