Ep 66- Are your kids struggling with nutrition? Here's a big reason why.

Season #1

As parents we all want our kids to eat healthy. Unfortunately, our over-scheduled, over-tired, under-supported lives don't always allow for this. The health of our nation's kids is worsening with some kids as young as 5 now being diagnosed with diseases that were once considered to only affect adults. These diseases are nutrition and lifestyle related which means there are things we can DO to improve the outcome. 

Many kids are simply not receiving the nutrition education that they deserve. Many schools no longer teach nutrition or even basic cooking skills anymore. Kids are bombarded with food marketing campaigns that promote sugar-sweetened foods and drinks and put a lot of misinformation out there. Trends on social media and the ever-present diet culture all influence our kids and are forming their habits that can last a lifetime. Now is the time to change this. 


In this episode I discuss:

- Why nutrition is important for kids.

- What many parents fear when it comes to their kids' nutrition.

- Who/what is actually influencing kids' choices.

- What needs to happen for this generation of kids to learn healthy habits.


Mentioned in this episode:

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