Ep 65- The Athlete's Plate: Healthy eating tips for student athletes

Season #1

One of the many challenges we face as parents is what to feed our kids. In the shuffle of work, school, and practices, often our nutrition gets limited to what's easiest. When this happens repeatedly, our body can become depleted. In children, especially children who are also athletes, this makes them extra susceptible to nutrition-related deficiencies and symptoms that can show up in their performance on and off the field. 

The good news is that teaching them to eat balanced and nutritionally supportive does not have to be complicated. If fact, when they know the basics, they can even make their own meals and snacks and fuel themselves properly before their games and practices. 

In this episode I discuss:

- Why nutrition is important to athletes, especially student athletes.

- Common nutrition related symptoms your child may experience if they aren't getting the right nutrition.

- Specific nutrients that athletes need and why.

- Tips on how to feed student athletes (and how to encourage them to feed themselves!).


Mentioned in this episode:

- The Student Athlete Nutrition Guide. Click HERE to purchase.


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