Ep 63: The Sweet Truth: The Results of the 14-day Sugar Experiment

Season #1

Many people feel "out of control" when it comes to sugar. It can seem like sugar is seemingly everywhere and in everything so no wonder it can seem challenging to lower it. What if lowering it, though, could improve some of the symptoms you have? If you are bugged by:

- fatigue

- digestive issues

- headaches

- joint pain

Could those be improved by reducing your sugar?

Back in January, I ran an experiment called the 14-day Sugar Experiment. This was based off of previous research that showed our cravings for sugar could be reduced or possibly eliminated in as little as 14 days. I was intrigued so I put it to the test. I walked a group of people through an experiment of our own where we reduced our sugar intake and took note of what we noticed in our health. The results were interesting!

In this episode I discuss:

- How the experiment was run.

- What participants learned about sugar in their diet.

- What participants noticed as a result from lowering sugar.

- How the many layers of a sugar craving can determine how to reduce cravings. 


Mentioned in this episode:

- The Next 14-day Sugar Experiment- click HERE to join!


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