Ep 59- What to buy organic and where to save your money

Season #1

We all have heard that we need to increase our fruits and vegetables. Eating fresh produce is "healthy" for us, right? Well what if there are toxic chemicals sprayed on them and now you are eating them multiple times per day (from the advice of your nutritionist 😅)? Organic fruits and vegetables can come with a hefty price tag and it may make you wonder, is this really worth it? In some cases, it is, but not every case. Let's talk about when to buy something organic and when to skip it so that you are confident that you are eating the healthiest foods for your family without breaking the bank.

In this episode we talk about:

- Is organic really worth it?

- What do pesticides really do to our body?

- Which foods should you definitely buy organic and which can you skip?


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Mentioned in this episode:

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