Ep 58: What I learned from eating lunch with 1st graders-- Kid and parent episode

Season #1

As a parent, feeding your kids can be a struggle, but have you thought about it from THEIR perspective? I recently had the opportunity to eat lunch with a group of 1st graders and I learned a LOT about what kind of foods they are given in their lunch box. I asked a couple of them more about their lunches and I was surprised to learn that they actually WANTED to have veggies in there (but didn't). I decided to make this episode in a way so you can listen with your kiddos and you can decide together how to best pack lunches for the day.

In this episode we talk about:

- What I noticed was missing in most 1st grader's lunches.

- The 6 things to include in your lunch boxes to help build healthy bodies.

- How to find the balance with nutrition and dessert foods.


*Don't forget to share this with a friend or family member so they can build healthy lunches as well!


Mentioned in this episode:

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