Sleigh the Season: Wellness Challenge

STARTS November 27th!

Are you tired of putting your health on hold during the busy holiday season? Do you find it challenging to maintain your nutrition and fitness goals amidst the holiday festivities? We have the solution for you!

Welcome to the Sleigh the Season: Wellness Challenge, a 4-week challenge designed to help you stay on track with your health and wellness goals during the holiday season.

Stop putting your health off "after the holidays" and get a jump start on it now! Staying healthy through the holidays and avoiding illness means you need to focus on your nutrition! During these 4 weeks you'll be:

  • Staying focused on your water intake (to avoid dehydration and energy crashes).

  • Logging exercise minutes (to ensure you stay moving when things get busy).

  • Increasing your intake of vegetables (to help keep your energy high, your digestive system happy, and fueling your immune system). 

Challenge your friends and family to join you!


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What People Are Saying:

"I love the weekly bonus goals. They are simple and easy to add in. My energy has definitely increased this month!"


"This challenge was exactly what I needed to keep me focused on my health. I tend to put everything off until after the holidays but now I don't feel like I have to start over in January!"


"Stephanie's challenges are always a blast! She breaks things down and makes it easy to follow, even when my day is busy."


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